Pre-Marriage Counseling

Congratulations! You’re Getting Married!

While this is a very exciting time for sure, do remember as lovely as a wedding can be… its about the marriage, not the wedding! This workshop is designed to help you to discuss some of the issues that will play into a successful marriage. I will work with you to help you think realistically about your relationship and the plan you have for life together.

To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.

– Traditional Marriage Vows 
  • Intimacy and Sexuality
  • Goals
  • Money

Parenting or Not?

  • Yes, no…maybe?
  • Realistic expectations of parenting
  • Where will we live and feel connected

To Have and Hold

  • What holds you together?
  • Spiritual belief system
  • Shared life goals
  • Family
  • Career goals

Relationship Skills

  • Kindness and respect
  • Communication
  • Conflict without tearing apart the relationship

Pre-Marriage Counseling Package

8-week package includes the following:

Week 1 Communication – Explore the dynamics of healthy communication. Are you giving verbal and physical cues in a way that your fiancé can understand? What communication style is your fiancé receptive to? What are you most receptive to? 

Week 2 Support – Financial, Physical Health, Mental Health, Spiritually, Family, Passions, Career. All very important to discuss and understand. 

Week 3 Needs – What are your fiancé’s needs? Physical, emotional, sexual. Does this coincide with what you are willing to give? Is there a power imbalance in the relationship that needs to be addressed? How much space or personal time do you need? Friends? What about you? What are the deal breakers? How much alone time do you need with your partner? Do you need to plan a date night once a week? Once a month? 

Week 4 Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations – Don’t assume that your fiancé is a mind reader. What are your expectations from your marriage and your partner? Getting caught in an assumption that “things will change after we are married…” can be risky. 

Week 5 Finances – Spending and saving habits. Keeping separate accounts, the risk of keeping financial secrets from one another. What are your goals and expectations? How will all of this impact things such as travel, children, perhaps buying a home together or other major purchases. 

Week 6 Children – Do you want to have children? Does your partner. What if you (as a couple together) learned that you could not conceive children on your own? What if your spouse changes their mind and decides after you are married that they do (do not) want children? If this is not your first marriage are there children that will be a part of your relationship together. How will that impact your life together? If you do have children who will stay home with them? What is your role as a parent? 

Week 7 — Uniqueness and Acceptance in Marriage – Your partner is not you. We often marry for the similarities we have with another however the best approach is to acknowledge that you are unique human beings that choose to be together voluntarily in a complimentary relationship, based on respect, trust and love. 

Week 8 — Bringing all together – Final meeting where we review all that has been covered in the previous weeks and discuss love. What is love? What does your love for each other look like? During this final session, if you wish, we will create a black and white portrait that is a reflection of your love for one another to remind you of this special time in your life as you move towards marriage. 

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