Relationship Counseling

Healthy, Meaningful Relationships

Relationships appear in our lives in many different forms. Consider, if you will, all the multi-faceted ways we interact with others in the world. Learning to navigate relationships and to approach them skillfully is the goal of relationship counseling. Keep in mind this is not couples counseling, this is individual counseling.

Therapy is focused on understanding your role in all of these types of relationships and building skills to have healthier and more meaningful relationships with others in the world.

Relationships in the Workplace

  • Respectful communication.
  • Unequal power imbalances.

Family Relationships

  • Parents of adult children, adult children with aging parents.
  • Siblings.
  • Extended family.
  • Money and how it can impact family relationships

Friendships – Social Relationships

  • Healthy or unhealthy.
  • Loneliness or lack of connection with others.
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